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The Link Between Driver Training Programs and the Cost of Insurance

We’ve been in this business long enough to know that one of the main things insurance providers, claims specialists and risk management consultants look at during your fleet’s renewal process is your driver training programs. Even a plaintiff’s attorneys will request a fleet’s training records during the deposition process to really dive deep into what the fleet has done to ensure drivers are ready, willing, and able to be on the road.

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The Truck Technologies Fleet Owners Should Keep An Eye On

Like we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, keeping up with technology can be extremely challenging -- especially if you’re a smaller fleet looking to grow strategically. Timing and resources are everything. If you adopt one as soon as it hits the market, you could end up paying more than necessary AND may subject yourself to an unreliable technology with too many bugs. On the flip side, waiting too long could mean that you lose the competitive advantages these new technologies could provide your fleet. Having a good partner as your back office, like a factoring company, who has its eye on new technologies can reduce that risk and allow you to focus on the business of moving freight.

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The Top Causes Of Truck Crashes and What You Can Do To Prevent Them

In 2007 the FMCSA conducted a Large Truck Crash Causation Study (LTCCS). Over the course of 33 months, the FMCSA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) analyzed 963 cases from 120,000 fatal and injury crashes involving 141,000 trucks.

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The Trucking KPIs Every Growing Fleet Should Be Tracking

The move to using Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) may have been challenging at the outset, but fleets both big and small are slowly starting to comprehend the power of the data being collected -- and, it’s ability to improve the efficiency of operations in more ways than one. But, with the overwhelming amount of information being collected, how do you know which data to actually analyze and how to leverage that information to your fleet’s best advantage?

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Hiring Veterans As Truck Drivers: A New Way To Recruit

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Attracting and hiring great drivers that not only know how to operate a truck safely and efficiently, but can also work well with others, handle stressful situations effectively, and even lead a team of other drivers is no small feat.

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How Fleet Owners Are Saving Money: 5 Fuel Efficiency Technologies

Image courtesy of Volvo Trucks

In its last Annual Fleet Fuel Study, the NAFCE tracked 85 technologies and practices the top 20 North American fleets found most useful in helping them achieve their fuel efficiency goals. Starting the new year with efficiency and cost savings in mind is a great way to keep fleets focused on growth and profitability.
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4 Ways Truckers Can Add Cheer To Their Holidays

Truckers are one of the last people out on the road during the holiday season, which means life away from family and friends during this time can be challenging and lonely. We thought about what actually makes the holiday season (no matter what holidays you celebrate) so special and we determined it was the rituals and traditions we’d built up over time with our friends and loved ones.

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Part 2: Operations and Human Resource Tips For Growing Your Fleet

Organizing your back office, finding and booking loads, maintaining your accounting and cash flow, finding the right talent, and getting the right trucks are just a few of the things growing trucking businesses need to manage. Building your own small fleet means being methodical about your growth strategy and having the right people skills to attract and manage great office and trucking staff. Here are some operational and HR tips for growing your fleet:

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Part 1: How To Grow Your Trucking Company

In our previous blogs, we’ve given you ideas for how to grow your fleet and effectively manage your cash flow. All great things, yes. But, there’s more. With careful pre-planning coupled with insider tips on things our fleet customers wish they knew when they first started out, it’s entirely possible to grow your small fleet into one that’s able to compete with the big boys.

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Seeking And Keeping Millennial Truck Drivers

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, millennials will make up 75 percent of the nation’s labor pool by 2030. If you’re feeling the driver shortage pinch, we suggest you read on. Attracting and retaining great drivers that are also a good culture fit is a challenge faced by fleets across the nation. While technology is a great way to attract millennials, it’s also important for fleet owners and managers to understand more of what’s important to this generation of workers. Adapting, changing and catering to the needs of a multigenerational workforce is just good business sense.

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