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Cheering On More Women In Trucking Despite Stereotypes

The numbers are in and, according to the federal government, the trucking industry has one of the lowest percentages of women in the workforce. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women made up 46.8 percent of all laborers 16 years or older in 2015. But, of the more than 2 million workers in the trucking industry, only 11.4 percent were female. The most recent survey shows that women constitute just 5.1 percent of truck drivers -- the smallest percentage since 2011.

But, change is in the air.

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Knowing What To Do With Truck Safety Data

Injury rates, crash rates, and fatalities have fallen over the past two decades thanks to advanced safety technology on our trucks. However, many carriers are still noticing that their insurance rates and settlement costs have gone up. We’re not surprised and here’s why: What if we told you that adding safety technology (and sifting through additional truck safety data) can potentially increase your fleet’s liability -- especially if you don’t do anything with the data your technology generates.

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Truck Driver Retention: Keeping Your Drivers Happy And Engaged

Driving trucks is so much more than just a job or a career. It's a lifestyle -- and, it’s not always an easy one. The average truck driver often works into the wee hours of the night, spending the majority of their days in cramped quarters. Not to mention the fact that they also brave aggressive drivers in high traffic areas while safely maneuvering massive rigs in and out of metropolitan districts. And, yet people still wonder why truck driver turnover is so high.

Carriers facing the ever-growing problem of driver shortage are now turning to smart -- and simple -- recruiting and retention strategies that not only encourage talented drivers to sign up, but to also STAY. Carriers are starting to recognize that one of their ongoing priorities is to make the workplace environment (both on and off the road) so exceptional that their drivers stick around for the long haul.

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Truck Driver Ergonomics: Best Practices and Tips

Whether you’re a newbie trucker who’s only been on the road a month or a seasoned veteran who’s seen -- and driven it all -- then you already know how hard trucking can be on your body. According to the OSHA, truck drivers are among one of the top professions most likely to be out of work due to an injury. But, this doesn’t have to be your fate.

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3 Go-To Tips For Higher Truck Productivity

Out of all the criteria for measuring success, the team here at Thunder Funding have whittled the list down to two things: Freight capacities and rates. Because, it’s not about how many trucks you have, how much warehouse space you own, or how many drivers you employ -- it’s about how effectively you’re using these assets. Trucking companies that are successfully utilizing their assets at maximum capacity are able to generate better profits and operating ratios.

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The Mid American Truck Show 2017

The team here at Thunder Funding had a fantastic time with our partners 123Loadboard at MATS 2017 last month! It’s always good being at a show with lots of traffic and other great, high energy vendors and attendees.

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We’re Here For The View: Our Favorite Trucking Routes

We thought it was a trick question when we were asked what we thought were the best trucking routes based on scenery. Truckers are lucky in that we get to see the whole country up close and personal -- so we’re allowed to have a few preferred routes. Aside from our choice view being the last exit signalling we’re almost home, here are three of our favorite routes:

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Injury Prevention: 7 Ways To Prevent Falls On The Job

Truck Driver Injury Prevention

Did you know that falls are among one of the top three causes of truck driver injuries following vehicle accidents? Slips and falls are some of the most common incidents -- and their resulting injuries are also some of the most preventable.

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Topics: Inury Prevention

Weighing In On Your 2017 Health and Wellness Resolutions

We’re a quarter of the way into 2017, which means it’s time for a check in. How are your New Year’s health resolutions going? Are you making time for exercise? Have you finally adopted healthier eating habits? Are you making lifestyle changes that you can commit to and maintain for the rest of your life?

Heavy questions for a Tuesday, don’t you think? It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to your health. Well-intended New Year’s resolutions sound great in the beginning but, as the old adage goes: Actions speak louder than words.

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Truck Driver-Focused Features Improve Productivity And Satisfaction On The Road

Long haul truckers are often away from home for days -- perhaps weeks -- at a time. So, it’s no surprise they want rigs and cabins that feel like home. Let’s face it: A truck cabin that boasts a little comfort and maybe some luxury can go a long way in making those long drives a lot more enjoyable.

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Topics: Luxury Truck Cabins, Truck Driver Productivity