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Roadside Assistance for Truck Drivers: Protecting Your Business

With a new year upon us, there’s no better time to reassess your business needs and create plans to protect your most important assets. After being in the business for more than 20 years, we know that it doesn’t matter if you operate just a couple of trucks or manage an entire fleet of hundreds -- protecting your investments and your bottom line have to be a priority. So, what does that look like? For starters, we recommend you look into solid roadside assistance plans that suit your business needs.

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How To Find Loads For Your Trucking Company

Finding profitable freight is arguably the single most important activity that an owner-operator can do to promote success in their trucking business. It doesn’t matter if the country is going through a recession, a pandemic, or an economic boom -- your truck needs to keep rolling if you want to get paid. So, how do you find profitable loads? Let’s look at some of these ideas:

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Key Trucking Industry Issues to Follow Us Into 2021

It goes without saying that 2020 was a challenging year. We’re taking a look back and shining a spotlight on some key trucking issues that we think will continue to impact drivers and fleet owners into the New Year:

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Truck Drivers Giving Back This Holiday Season

The holiday season has always been a time where people come together to give back to their communities. Whether it be donating money to a charity, volunteering with a goodwill organization, or making food for friends and families, the holidays are meant to be a time when communities share kindness and cheer wherever it is they hang up their hats.

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The Smart Move: Virtual Training for Truck Drivers

When it comes to ongoing driver training, companies have slowly started to add technology-based training techniques to their roster in an effort to supplement in-person training methods, which have historically been the preference amongst most fleet owners we know. The pandemic, however, is accelerating the transition to online training and learning. And, we think the change is a good thing.

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Hiring Military Veterans Can Help Beat The Driver Shortage

It’s no secret that the U.S. truck driver shortage is expected to more than double over the next 10 years as the industry struggles to replace aging drivers. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed shippers to accelerate products through their supply chains faster, thus increasing the demand for drivers even further. And, so in an effort to hire more drivers and effectively fill the void, many fleets are turning to the idea of recruiting U.S. military veterans as drivers.

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Topics: Driver Recruitment Best Practices, Hiring Military Veterans

Freight Benchmark Study Shines Spotlight on Shipper Payment Practices

The Journal of Commerce (JOC) recently released a freight payment benchmark study that examines the payment, invoicing, and related administrative practices of the shipper community.

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Topics: Freight Factoring, Freight Benchmark Study

Trucker Lifestyle: Top 3 Road Trip Holidays For Truckers

Air travel right now may not be the safest option in light of the coronavirus but, if you and your friends and family have a great sense of adventure, you can still have a fantastic time enjoying some of our country’s most scenic and exciting road trips.

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Top 5 Gadgets For Truck Drivers 2020


Inclement weather, challenging driving conditions, health and wellness concerns while on the road -- these are all things that truck drivers deal with every time they head out for a short or long haul. While it may not be easy being a trucker navigating through today’s driver landscape, there are certain things we CAN control that can increase our creature comforts and safety. Check out Thunder Funding’s top 5 gadgets for truck drivers for 2020:

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Topics: Trucking Technology, Trucking Lifestyle

Spot Rates and Freight Demand on the Rise

The trucking industry has seen a positive turnaround due to increased spot market rates and freight demand. As we mentioned in a previous blog, our load board partners noted that June saw some bounce back after the significant declines the industry faced in April and May due to COVID-19. And, while we typically expect rates and demand to drop off for July and August, spot freight has continued to its upward trend.

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