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Simple Ways To Enjoy The Holidays While On The Road

MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG Holiday Trucks in Munich

Spending the holidays away from family and friends because you’re on the road is never fun. Sadly, this is the fate of many truck drivers. So, what can you do to make the holidays more enjoyable for yourselves and your families? 

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Topics: Trucker Health

Attracting And Retaining The Best Truck MaintenanceTechnicians

The people shortage in the trucking industry doesn’t show up simply as a lack of truck drivers. All across the country, we’re experiencing a shortage of skilled labor and a definite lack of programs designed to attract job seekers to our industry as both drivers and technicians.

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Topics: Driver Recruitment Best Practices, Driver Retention, Truck Maintenance

Winter Driving Conditions: Safety Tips For Every Driver On The Road

It’s certainly too early to start spreading holiday cheer, but inclement weather is definitely starting to make its presence known even as we speak. The ATA recommends that fleets should have a detailed process for keeping trucks that are not in operation from freezing during extremely cold temperatures so they are ready to go when needed. Regular winter driving training starting in the fall months is essential for both new and veteran drivers, especially those who are based in warmer climates that might be passing through winter weather on their routes. But, what about regular folks driving in winter conditions?
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Topics: Winter Trucking Safety

A Look Back: National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

With Labor Day and back-to-school behind us and Thanksgiving and the holidays on the horizon, let’s take a moment to celebrate the truckers who supply our lives and strengthen the economy one more time (because a week just isn’t enough). Toys, books, food, clothing, cars, medical supplies, you name it -- truck drivers all across the United States of America made that happen.

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Topics: National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Creating A Culture Of Safety Starts With Training

Who would have thought that first impressions could hold so much weight in the trucking industry? When it comes to creating a strong company culture where drivers feel valued and engaged, not enough carriers fully understand the impact that driver training can have for its newest hires and seasoned employees.

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Topics: Truck Driver Training

Jeff Like Interview

In Honor of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, we’re proud to spotlight Jeffrey Like of Like Trucking Corp from Davison, Michigan!

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Topics: Electric Vehicles

The Future Of CBEVs: The Industry Debate

*Image courtesy of Brian Hadden,

There’s certainly no shortage of debate around battery electric commercial vehicles as a viable alternative to traditional diesel, alternative fuel, and hybrid powertrains.

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Topics: Electric Vehicles

Why Respect Isn’t Lost On Truckers

*image courtesy of REAL Women In Trucking

Regardless of industry, every business owner has very likely dealt with employee recruitment and retention challenges. And, when it comes to trucking, there’s certainly no shortage of those issues. Research by Trucker News and Overdrive asked truckers why they think fleets have a difficult time finding and keeping good drivers.

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Topics: Driver Retention

Keeping Cool In The Summer Heat

This summer is a scorcher with some parts of the country seeing weekly triple digit temperatures as the norm. Keeping yourself cool while also maintaining your truck’s health is of utmost importance. Just like cars, trucks can suffer from breakdowns when operating in extreme heat. So, what can you do to keep yourself and your truck cool in the face of heat waves?

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Topics: Truck Maintenance

The Cost Of Traffic Congestion On The Trucking Industry

Traffic congestion and bottlenecks are the bane of every fleet owner’s existence. Not only does their overall efficiency decrease, fuel consumption can increase at astronomical rates.

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Topics: Route Optimization