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A Look At Truck Fuel Efficiency In Commercial Trucks

*Image courtesy of Navistar

We’re all about continuous improvement here at Thunder Funding and we encourage all the fleets and owner operators we work with to assess what’s working -- and, what could be improved -- in their operations. With talks about the potential impacts of tariffs on Chinese imports, lower oil prices and a global economic slowdown threatening order cancellations, the industry has every reason to be more mindful of how we can be proactive should we get hit by a sector recession in the coming years.

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Topics: Fuel Efficiency

Electric Trucks Are Here To Stay

*Image courtesy of The Verge

It’s not just talk anymore. Electric trucks are here to stay. And, they require certain infrastructure to be established to ensure uninterrupted usage. Thor is demonstrating heavy- and medium-duty trucks while Tesla’s Semi tractors are scheduled to hit the roads this year. Large companies like Walmart and UPS are lining up to place orders and even online retailer Amazon has invested in electric pickup truck maker Rivian.

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Top 10 Worst Traffic Bottlenecks in the U.S.

*Image: Tom Moreland Interchange

U.S. congestion costs trucking $74.5 billion annually.
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Trends In Trucking: How Drivers and Fleets Differ On Top Issues

Do truck drivers and carriers see eye to eye on critical issues facing the industry? The results from the ATRI’s 2018 “Critical Issues in the Trucking Industry” survey provides a breakdown between driver and fleet opinions.

Of the 1,539 respondents to the 2018 survey, motor carriers represented 47.5% while commercial drivers (both company and independent) made up 41.3% of the responses. The balance of the numbers came from other industry stakeholders, which means the ATRI got a healthy response from both fleets and drivers.

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Topics: Trucking Trends

3 Truck Technologies You Need Right Now

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Ask anyone who’s been to a truck conference and they’ll confirm there’s an endless sea of technologies fleets could place in their trucks if they were so inclined. But, let us first acknowledge that adding anything into a truck isn’t a simple decision. Trucks are expensive assets and some fleets have a lot of them. Equipping trucks with a new technology across their entire fleet can take years, and often requires professional installation and ongoing maintenance. We’re looking at a lot of time and money here, Folks.

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Topics: Trucking Technology

Simplifying Your Hiring Processes

The wrong hiring decision wastes time, costs money, and can have a potentially negative impact on your existing employees. But, given the current state of driver and technician shortages, some fleets are feeling the heat to find any decent body to fill a vacancy. So, what are some things you can do right now to make sure you make the right hire?

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Topics: Driver Recruitment Best Practices

The Real Cost Of Traffic Congestion

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In a previous blog, we mentioned that traffic congestion cost the trucking industry a whopping $74.5 billion in additional operating costs and 1.2 billion hours in driver delays in 2016. This is an unfortunate trend that we don't foresee going away anytime soon.Not surprisingly, 91 percent of all slowdowns take place in metropolitan areas. So, what can you do to minimize the impact of traffic congestion on your bottom line?

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Hot Trends In Trucking In 2019

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After shaking off the fog and confetti of the holidays, it’s time to get back down to business. We’ve reflected back on 2018 and have identified several big trends that we think are likely to impact how our industry operates, prepares, and plans the years ahead.

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Topics: Trucking Trends

The Trucking Industry’s Growing Multi-Generational Workforce

Image Courtesy of IndustryWeek

Fleet owners are quickly recognizing something interesting in their organizations: They have an employee base that spans four generations.

  • Baby Boomers - born between 1944 and 1964 and are currently between the ages of 54-74.
  • Generation X - born between 1965 and 1979 and are currently between the ages of 39-53.
  • Millennials - born between 1980 and 1994 and are currently between the ages of 24-38.
  • Generation Z - born 1995 and after and are currently 23 years old.
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Topics: Driver Retention

Gift Ideas Every Truck Driver Will Appreciate

Buying the perfect gift for the truck drivers in your life sounds like a lot of pressure. But, it's not that much different from gift shopping for anyone else. What are things they’re always talking about? What are their hobbies? Connecting your present to something you already know they like is the easiest way to get them something they'll enjoy. Still stumped? Try this one out to keep things nice and easy for yourself: Get them something that will make their job easier. 

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