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The Changing Transportation Landscape During COVID-19

Image courtesy of: John Sommers II for Transport Topics

COVID-19 has quickly changed the way we work and the way we consume, thus transforming the nation’s economy as a whole. Few people are flying, purchasing and renting cars, taking cabs or ride shares, or commuting to work. 

Adam Jonas, the transportation industry analyst at Morgan Stanley Research, has shared a number of key ways he thinks the transportation industry is morphing during this pandemic.

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Topics: Trucking Trends, Coronavirus

Simple Technologies Can Help Truckers During Coronavirus

Image credits: Suppose U Drive

The coronavirus pandemic has made one thing clear as the trucking industry deals with supply chain issues across the country: The need for digital tools and resources is as essential for business as it is for staying fit and connected to loved ones. 

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Topics: Trucking Technology, Coronavirus

The Life of a Truck Driver In The Midst of COVID-19

Image Source: David McNew/Getty Images

Non-essential businesses are closing down and those employees who can telecommute are working remotely from home. However, many fleet drivers are still on the road supplying the country with much-needed supplies during this challenging time. 

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FAQs About COVID-19’s Impact On Truckers

Image source: Getty Images

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve gathered some answers to frequently asked questions regarding family and medical leave as well as trucking HOS, ELD’s and rest stops for those truckers who are still on the road. We’ve also included hyperlinks for you to review if you require more in-depth information. 

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