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Hiring Veterans As Truck Drivers: A New Way To Recruit

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Attracting and hiring great drivers that not only know how to operate a truck safely and efficiently, but can also work well with others, handle stressful situations effectively, and even lead a team of other drivers is no small feat.

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Seeking And Keeping Millennial Truck Drivers

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, millennials will make up 75 percent of the nation’s labor pool by 2030. If you’re feeling the driver shortage pinch, we suggest you read on. Attracting and retaining great drivers that are also a good culture fit is a challenge faced by fleets across the nation. While technology is a great way to attract millennials, it’s also important for fleet owners and managers to understand more of what’s important to this generation of workers. Adapting, changing and catering to the needs of a multigenerational workforce is just good business sense.

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Driver Recruitment And Retention: 2017 Transportation Spotlight Report

HireRight’s recent 2017 Transportation Spotlight Report reveals key trends and concerns in the trucking industry -- with the demand for truckers being the most critical issue. Not surprising. Some of the most significant highlights and survey findings in this year’s report include the steps fleet owners and carriers are taking to address the driver shortage as well as the innovative, technology-based recruitment and retention strategies being implemented. 

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Truck Driver Recruitment Automation | Thunder Funding

When it comes to hiring new drivers, we’ve found that more and more fleet owners are turning to technology to make the entire recruitment and management process faster, easier, and more effective. Workflow management tools, behavioral assessments, and systems that can generate candidate analytics are now being adopted by innovative and forward-thinking operators.

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