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Creating A Culture Of Safety Starts With Training

Who would have thought that first impressions could hold so much weight in the trucking industry? When it comes to creating a strong company culture where drivers feel valued and engaged, not enough carriers fully understand the impact that driver training can have for its newest hires and seasoned employees.

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Topics: Truck Driver Training

Top 5 Reasons Why Truck Drivers Get Pulled Over

Besides following too closely, speeding, and using a handheld device, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 scenarios where truck drivers get pulled over. While not every violation results in a citation, truck drivers who commit these behaviors are at high risk for getting pulled over and receiving violation warnings, which will likely be evaluated in the FMCSA’s safety systems. 

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Topics: Truck Driver Training, Safe Driving

Basic Truck Driver Training Essentials Every Carrier Should Implement

You might think driver recruitment and retention revolves only around perceived motivators like base and bonus pay, the amount of scheduled time spent away from home, and fringe benefits like comprehensive healthcare and 401(k) plans.

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Topics: Driver Engagement, Truck Driver Training