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How Can the Trucking Industry Overcome its Recruitment Problem?

For decades, trucking and hauling has been integral to the American economy—nearly 10 billion tons of freight was hauled by truck in 2014 alone, comprising more than two-thirds of all products transported within the U.S. And this number is projected to expand by almost 29 percent by 2026.

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On Being Grateful This Thanksgiving Even if You're on the Road

Gratitude, if the Zen masters of the world or that guy who wrote Chicken Soup for the Soul are right, is a practice. It's something that can be developed by anyone, and when it is, the benefits are tremendous. While what someone is thankful for may vary across industries, fields and regions, that having a thankful attitude is something that requires tending remains consistent.

For truckers, this reality holds especially true.

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6 Little Things You Can Do To Show Appreciation for Your Drivers

Even with the advent of new technology across almost every aspect of transportation, shipping and distribution, the lifeblood of the American economy still pumps via big rigs and truck drivers. Almost 70% of the freight tonnage that's shipped from sea to shining sea each year is done so on the backs of trucks. It's a reality that will likely hold true for the foreseeable future.

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Home on Wheels: Big Rigs Outfitted with the Comforts of Home

With many drivers spending as much, if not more, time in their cabs than their homes it’s not surprising that some companies and drivers are adding the comforts of home to their cabs. Many large trucking companies are also opting to customize their cabs with more amenities as a driver recruitment and retention tool.

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Safety Advocates and Environmentalists at Odds Over Trailer Length


There’s a heated debate going on in Congress over making double tractor trailers longer by 10 feet, and it’s pitted safety-focused groups against environmentalists. By increasing the maximum length of the trailers in a double tractor trailer rig from 28 feet to 33 feet, you add ten more feet of cargo space to the total rig.

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DOT to Address Lack of Safe Parking for Truck Drivers

Safe truck parking can be hard to find, as a recently released U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) survey confirmed. Based on the study’s results, the DOT has vowed to address the need for more safe parking for truckers.

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And Now Trucking Is Suddenly Slowing Down

This comes at the wrong time. Trucking had been booming. 2014 had been a banner year. Capacity was squeezed, and rates were rising, so trucking companies went on a buying binge, ordering everything in the book in preparation for red-hot demand in 2015 and more banner years down the road. But then came 2015.

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