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The Future Of Driver Fatigue Detection Enforcement

Effective and affordable safety technologies have quickly become a requirement in the trucking industry. Auto-adjusting truck systems, aftermarket additions like e-logs (if the federal regulatory bodies get their way, that is), and medical requirements in the form of acceptable driver blood pressure levels are just a few of the systems that have become industry mainstays.

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Topics: Trucking Safety Best Practices, Fatigue Enforcement, Big Data

Fleet Owners Turn To Data To Improve Recruitment and Retention

Do you live more than 25 miles from your fleet’s terminal? Are you a fresh-out-of-driving-school graduate? Are you married?

If the answer to any of these questions is Yes, it could be a strike against you for certain fleets considering your application. Trucking and safety analysts are now taking a much closer look at driver behaviors, personality traits, demographics, and other factors that correlate with high turnover and potential safety risks.

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Topics: Trucking Safety Best Practices, Big Data, Driver Recruitment Best Practices