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5 Myths About Flatbed Hauling

Ask any driver and they’ll tell you flatbed driving is one of the most challenging types of truck driving thanks to the heavy and unique-shaped loads that drivers must secure and haul. However, at Thunder Funding, we want you to know that many of the things you hear about flatbed hauling are actually myths, or they have another side to the truth that you may not have considered. Flatbed trucking can be extremely rewarding, and the skills it requires are in constant demand. Here are our top 5 myths about flatbed trucking -- and the real truth behind them. 

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Topics: Trucking Safety Best Practices, Flatbed Hauling

Thunder Funding and 123Loadboard Form Strategic Partnership

123Loadboard and Thunder Funding Announce Partnership To Fund Freight Carriers Who Find Loads on 123Loadboard's Web and Mobile App Platform. 
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Topics: Freight Factoring, Press Release, 123Loadboard

5 Tips To Help Your Drivers Stay Healthy On The Road

If there’s one thing we know as lifelong truckers, it’s that there’s no shortage of truck driver health and wellness advice circulating the web. With everyone from their doctors to their overzealous uncles and aunts giving their two cents about what you as a driver SHOULD be doing to stay healthy, it’s often easier to simply tune their words out.

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Topics: Truck Driver Health and Wellness