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Biomonitoring And Telematics: The Future Of Driver Health Monitoring

Today’s modern truck has the ability to collect and transmit information on many facets of its operation -- including your driving performance and any impending equipment breakdowns. And, with today’s technology advancing in leaps and bounds, the truck of the future will be able to do the same thing with you: read your vital signs and alert you and others to any impending health breakdowns. This is the future of driver health monitoring.

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Topics: Truck Driver Health and Wellness

Tips For Building An Engaged Driver Workforce

Every owner-operator wants to be able to attract and retain drivers who not only want to stay with your company long-term, but also see fit to take it upon themselves to go the extra mile to ensure your company succeeds. This kind of employee engagement truly is priceless.

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Topics: Driver Engagement, Driver Recruitment Best Practices