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3 Go-To Tips For Higher Truck Productivity

Out of all the criteria for measuring success, the team here at Thunder Funding have whittled the list down to two things: Freight capacities and rates. Because, it’s not about how many trucks you have, how much warehouse space you own, or how many drivers you employ -- it’s about how effectively you’re using these assets. Trucking companies that are successfully utilizing their assets at maximum capacity are able to generate better profits and operating ratios.

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Topics: Truck Productivity

The Mid American Truck Show 2017

The team here at Thunder Funding had a fantastic time with our partners 123Loadboard at MATS 2017 last month! It’s always good being at a show with lots of traffic and other great, high energy vendors and attendees.

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Topics: Trade Shows

We’re Here For The View: Our Favorite Trucking Routes

We thought it was a trick question when we were asked what we thought were the best trucking routes based on scenery. Truckers are lucky in that we get to see the whole country up close and personal -- so we’re allowed to have a few preferred routes. Aside from our choice view being the last exit signalling we’re almost home, here are three of our favorite routes:

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