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Cheering On More Women In Trucking Despite Stereotypes

The numbers are in and, according to the federal government, the trucking industry has one of the lowest percentages of women in the workforce. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women made up 46.8 percent of all laborers 16 years or older in 2015. But, of the more than 2 million workers in the trucking industry, only 11.4 percent were female. The most recent survey shows that women constitute just 5.1 percent of truck drivers -- the smallest percentage since 2011.

But, change is in the air.

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Knowing What To Do With Truck Safety Data

Injury rates, crash rates, and fatalities have fallen over the past two decades thanks to advanced safety technology on our trucks. However, many carriers are still noticing that their insurance rates and settlement costs have gone up. We’re not surprised and here’s why: What if we told you that adding safety technology (and sifting through additional truck safety data) can potentially increase your fleet’s liability -- especially if you don’t do anything with the data your technology generates.

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