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3 ELD Myths Worrying Carriers Most

After speaking with a number of carriers, the sentiments are almost unanimous when it comes to resisting the implementation of ELDs to monitor driver hours of service. And, we’re here with a gentle reminder that December 18 is the FMCSA’s deadline for the mandated industry-wide transition to electronic logging devices.

So, why the resistance? We debunk three main ELD concerns from fleet owners:

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New Findings: Driver Turnover And Gender

A recent turnover survey conducted by Stay Metrics has learned that the top reason why women truck drivers leave a motor carrier is dissatisfaction with tractors. According to the Department of Labor, women comprise roughly 43 percent of the total full-time workforce in the United States, but only six percent of the truck driver population. These are troubling numbers especially in light of the current truck driver shortage the industry is facing.

Stay Metrics states that, “as freight volumes continue to grow and baby boomers retire, the trucking industry must recruit and retain more women drivers to keep up with labor demands.”

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