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The DOT’s 10 Most Dangerous Highways For Truckers

You would think with the holidays over and the road volume finally back to normal that the roads would be safer and smoother. Not quite. Freezing temperatures, sleet, snow, ice, heavy fogs, and decreased daylight make driving even more challenging and dangerous. And, with the New Year, comes new resolutions for fleet owners and operators to out health and safety first.

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Topics: Safe Driving

Truck Driver Health and Wellness Tips: First Time On The Job

Starting a new job can be one of life’s more challenging transitions. Not surprising is the fact that self care is one of the first personal “luxuries” to be sacrificed while acclimating to a new position. And, if there’s one bit of advice we can share with those starting a career in trucking, it’s to put your health and wellness first. 

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Topics: Truck Driver Health and Wellness