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How To Beat Rising Insurance Costs

Fleet owners and managers have been noting a steady increase in insurance costs and are on a quest to mitigate that rise. But, is there a quick solution to curbing costs? Possibly. In fact, many are turning to technology and software solutions to help rein in common delinquent behavior like distracted driving, speeding, and other unsafe behaviors.

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Topics: Truck Safety Technology

Smart Trucking: Ryder’s ‘Female-Friendly’ Truck Packages

Two years ago, Ryder System along with the help of several OEMs and the Women in Trucking Association, a non-profit organization that encourages the employment of women in the trucking industry, came up with the idea of a custom vehicle design to better meet the needs of female drivers. This design included 15 unique specs that would be better suited to women -- as well as some men. Two years ago this was big news. And, in our opinion, it still is. We encourage fleet owners and managers at every opportunity to take advantage of Ryder’s female-friendly vehicle lease packages, if they haven’t already.

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Topics: Women In Trucking