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The Basics Of Defensive Driving


If you’ve been in the trucking business for as long as we have, we’re sure you’ve also heard your fair share of success stories...and, sad stories. More times than we care to count have we been driving home only to hear a grim news report over the radio telling listeners about an overturned trailer blocking the highway with its load spilled everywhere and the driver being raced to the hospital for unknown injuries. It’s reports like this that remind the industry of the importance of ongoing driver training for even the most seasoned and experienced of drivers.

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Topics: Safe Driving

Top 5 Reasons Why Truck Drivers Get Pulled Over

Besides following too closely, speeding, and using a handheld device, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 scenarios where truck drivers get pulled over. While not every violation results in a citation, truck drivers who commit these behaviors are at high risk for getting pulled over and receiving violation warnings, which will likely be evaluated in the FMCSA’s safety systems. 

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Topics: Truck Driver Training, Safe Driving