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Winter Driving Conditions: Safety Tips For Every Driver On The Road

It’s certainly too early to start spreading holiday cheer, but inclement weather is definitely starting to make its presence known even as we speak. The ATA recommends that fleets should have a detailed process for keeping trucks that are not in operation from freezing during extremely cold temperatures so they are ready to go when needed. Regular winter driving training starting in the fall months is essential for both new and veteran drivers, especially those who are based in warmer climates that might be passing through winter weather on their routes. But, what about regular folks driving in winter conditions?
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Topics: Winter Trucking Safety

A Look Back: National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

With Labor Day and back-to-school behind us and Thanksgiving and the holidays on the horizon, let’s take a moment to celebrate the truckers who supply our lives and strengthen the economy one more time (because a week just isn’t enough). Toys, books, food, clothing, cars, medical supplies, you name it -- truck drivers all across the United States of America made that happen.

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Topics: National Truck Driver Appreciation Week