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A Look At Truck Fuel Efficiency In Commercial Trucks

We’re all about continuous improvement here at Thunder Funding and we encourage all the fleets and owner operators we work with to assess what’s working -- and, what could be improved -- in their operations. With talks about the potential impacts of tariffs on Chinese imports, lower oil prices and a global economic slowdown threatening order cancellations, the industry has every reason to be more mindful of how we can be proactive should we get hit by a sector recession in the coming years.

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Topics: Fuel Efficiency

Electric Trucks Are Here To Stay

It’s not just talk anymore. Electric trucks are here to stay. And, they require certain infrastructure to be established to ensure uninterrupted usage. Thor is demonstrating heavy- and medium-duty trucks while Tesla’s Semi tractors are scheduled to hit the roads this year. Large companies like Walmart and UPS are lining up to place orders and even online retailer Amazon has invested in electric pickup truck maker Rivian.

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Topics: Electric Vehicles