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Reducing Truck Driver Stress Ensures Everyone Wins

Regardless of whether or not you love what you do, every job has its stressful moments. In the short-term, you may experience increased pressure to meet certain deadlines, deal with difficult team members, or juggle multiple responsibilities from different areas of your life. It’s when work-related stress becomes chronic that we see the real problems unfold. You know what we’re referring to here. Ongoing, unrelenting feelings of stress can lead to serious issues in one’s physical and emotional health.

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Topics: Truck Driver Health and Wellness

8 Key Learnings From The 2019 State Of Logistics Report

The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), released its State of Logistics Report on June 18th. This annual report tracks and measures all costs associated with moving freight through U.S. supply chains and, most notably, showed a significant increase in U.S. business spending on logistics in 2018.

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Topics: Trucking Trends