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The Debate: Side Guard Rails on Trucks

After its recent exposure in the media on CNN, the issue of underride guards has resurfaced as a topic of interest amongst drivers, carriers, and lawmakers. Side guard rails are not currently mandated in the US and the opinions on that appear to be split. Many certainly agree that underride guards are an effective solution for protecting people from injury and death during truck collisions. However, there are other considerations that need to be made in terms of the substantial monetary costs and challenges associated with these rails that are borne by carriers and truckers. It’s a dilemma that the industry is certainly grappling with. 

So, where does that leave us?

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Topics: Truck Safety, Side Guard Rails

How to Run a Lean Trucking Company!

Are your slow-paying customers bogging your freight company down? As you probably know, trucking customers generally submit payment around 30 to 45 days after delivery.

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Topics: Freight Factoring